Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Telling time is an important life skill to teach kids. Analog, in particular, isn’t exactly intuitive.

Rather than just go over telling time once and be done, I decided to make a whole unit out of teaching the boys to read time, and I’m glad I did. Hopefully, it’s reinforced the concept so that the information stays with them.

One funny story: I decided to put a couple of books on hold at the library, and while I thought I had a specific book, I couldn’t find it, and my husband swore we didn’t have it.

Well… I put Me Counting Time on hold, and the same day as we were alerted to go pick it up at the library, we found that book! Yep. I checked out a book that we already owned. It actually worked out pretty well. I was able to read it to Oliver while Evan read it to himself.

So, I gathered a whole bunch of materials from various locations. I also found quite a few resources online for teaching time to kids, which I will include at the end of this post.

Resources we used to teach the kids to tell time:

The Usborne Wipe Clean Telling the Time book was super helpful. Both of the books we picked up (Me Counting Time and DK Readers Telling Time) moreso covered the concept and history of time, although that is still a good thing to go over. Everything else simply reinforced what I was telling the boys.

We will continue to go over time and reading clocks for awhile until it becomes second nature with the boys, but I feel confident in their ability to read a clock now.

Resources for Teaching Time

From Teachers Pay Teachers:

From Other Blogs:

Resources You Can Buy:

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