Project EEME Genius Light – STEM Projects

When Jack from Project EEME found us on Instagram (@learningnesting) and reached out to me, I was pretty excited. Evan already gets a Tinker Crate each month, but he can’t get enough of hands on learning. You see, Evan wants to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up, and he’s wanted this for as long as he can remember.

Project EEME, much like Tinker Crate, is a subscription service. It’s geared toward kids ages 7 to 12. From their website:

“EEME makes “not-so-easy” hands-on project kits and online lessons to teach kids electronics.
We believe in challenging our kids to master STEM skills and develop their grit towards deeply understanding what they do and learn.”

When the small box from Project EEME arrived, I stashed it away, because I knew the boys would want to do it right away. When we got around to opening it, they were so excited. The first box was their Genius Light.

My favorite thing about Project EEME is that they don’t just show you what to do, but why you’re doing it. There were step-by-step videos available on the website.

They explained what each part did, and the significance of why you were doing each step the way they laid out. Additionally, after some of the videos, they would ask a question to show that you understood.

If you’re interested in trying out Project EEME, they are currently hosting a giveaway for a free Genius Light on Instagram (@projecteeme). Head on over to enter! If you would rather jump on in, you can go to their website and subscribe.

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