Our Experience with Ladybug Land

I knew I wanted Evan to learn from the garden this summer. He’s three and a half now, and very curious. At first I just wanted to buy a few books about gardens and bugs, but when I saw the Insect Lore kits, I just knew I had to have them! We decided to start by trying out Ladybug Land.

Materials pictured in this post:

What else we used to learn about Ladybugs:


I ordered from Amazon, so when the dome arrived, I still had to “order” the little bugs. When they arrive, they are larva in a tube. By the time they got to my house, some had already died – which I figure is to be expected. There is food in the tube with them, and then you just have to wet a little sponge in the top of the dome every couple days to keep them hydrated. There are instructions that came with the kit and detail all of this, but of course my kids destroyed them. (Luckily, that was after we didn’t need them anymore.)

It was only a couple days after we got them that they began to get bigger. Evan loved checking on them each day! I was overly cautious, to be honest, because I worried he would take the lid off. Turns out, it’s not so easy to come off that a kid can take it off accidentally. So that’s a good thing. When we weren’t checking on them, they were kept up on a high shelf out of reach, because I’m certain that cats would have found a way in.

Watching them grow was great. I really think we’ll have to do it again when the boys are older. Oliver is only a year old, so he didn’t really benefit this time. Ever since the Ladybugs, Evan has been even more interested in bugs and nature. He had a blast releasing them – mostly because I finally let him hold them.

Sadly, since releasing them, we haven’t seen them again. I have a feeling they would have been more likely to stick around if our garden had been more established at the time, so next time we’ll probably do it midsummer instead of in the spring.

UPDATE: I will definitely do this kit again, if only for the pictures! Since originally writing this post, I’ve gotten a new camera. I bet the ladybugs would look great under a macro lens!

Have you tried your own Ladybug Land?

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  1. So fun!! I will have to have the Easter bunny bring this next year 😉 Such a fun activity and would be great “pet” practice!!

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