5 Educational YouTube Channels for Kindergartners

5 Educational YouTube Channels for Kindergartners

YouTube is a fantastic source of entertainment for people of all ages. On the site, you can find the latest news, travel videos, and even educational content. There are hundreds of YouTubers creating content intended to educate and entertain. The content isn’t just for teens and adults, either. YouTube is a fantastic tool for children of all ages to learn from. It isn’t always obvious what age group a YouTube channel is catered towards though, so when you’re looking for videos for your Kindergartner, make sure the videos are age appropriate. Or you can just take a look at our curated list of YouTube channels for Kindergartners.

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Harry Kindergarten

Using the power of music Harry Kindergarten teaches young children about important topics like self-control, courage, and counting. With nearly 130 videos on the channel full of great content Harry Kindergarten touches on a variety of subjects. New videos are being released, but they don’t have any regular schedule that they stick to. Videos tend to be 2 to 5 minutes long so it won’t take long for your curious Kindergartner to watch them all.

Mother Goose Club

With 4.6 million subscribers Mother Goose Club is an incredibly popular channel on YouTube. Part of what makes them so popular is the fact that most of their videos are incredibly long, some reaching very close to the 2-hour mark! Many of their videos are nursery rhymes but you can also find ABCs, colors, and holiday-themed content. Note, you may want to consider having Adblock turned on as the channel stuffs ads in, sometimes as close as 2 minutes apart.

National Geographic Kids

Expose your Kindergartner to the wild with National Geographic Kids. On this channel kids and adults explore the world, meet animals, and learn amazing mind games. Some of the content on this channel may be more appropriate for older minds, but Kindergartners will love all the animals. They have almost 400 videos on the channel and update at least once a week.

Scratch Garden

Scratch Garden uses bright colors and humor to educate. Their videos teach phonics, have fun songs, and counting in large numbers. This channel is a fantastic challenge for kids looking to learn a little bit more. They have over 50,000 subscribers and, best of all, most of their videos have subtitles.

Sesame Street

Finishing off the list we have Sesame Street. Yes, Sesame Street is on YouTube with short clips from their show. You’ll even be able to find videos from older episodes that you might remember from when you were a kid. They’re uploading new videos to YouTube several times a week and so far they have more than 2,000 videos!

These are just some of the best educational YouTube channels for Kindergartners, you can find much more on the site as well. But a word of caution, YouTube has had a lot of videos that may appear kid-friendly on the surface but are actually very dark and disturbing. (Trust me, I’ve made that mistake before!) Be sure that your Kindergartner is watching YouTube on the YouTube Kids app and monitor the channels they watch. The easiest way to do this is to set up your own playlists from trusted creators.

My boys both got Fire Kids tablets for Christmas, so we’ve been excited to integrate these into our homeschooling. I would love to hear what some of your favorite educational YouTube channels are. If you know of one that’s great for kindergarten, leave it in the comments!

5 Educational YouTube Channels for Kindergartners - of Learning and Nesting

2 thoughts on “5 Educational YouTube Channels for Kindergartners

  1. These are great ideas. We do not use You Tube for lack of substantive content but this info makes me want to check it out! Thanks.

    • Yeah, I totally understand. It can be hard (and time consuming) to search through all of what’s on YouTube and come out with something of value. Hopefully these fit the bill for you! 🙂

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