Elf on The Shelf – 2015 One Week Update

We were super gung ho on bringing our Elf on the Shelf out this year, for the first time.

YAY! Seasonal cheer!

On day one, Evan was already calling him a pretend elf. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but it changes the game a bit.

What we have discovered is that our elf is really lazy. Mostly he chills in the kids tree – and every day, after his adventure, he ends up back in the kids tree as his “home base.”

He has hung out with the Hulk, flown a plane, and moved around a bit. This week is Evan’s birthday, so I plan on our elf getting out the measuring cups in anticipation of baking! I’ve considered him making a “snow” angel… but I’m not sure I’m up for the mess. Maybe he’ll stay lazy this year.

What are the other elves up to this year?

3 thoughts on “Elf on The Shelf – 2015 One Week Update

  1. We don’t have an elf yet but I feel like mine will be a lazy one if we do have one!! 😉 Im not up for all the craziness! Maybe once a week he’ll be adventurous!!

  2. My daughter and I both have Chippie 1 and 2 at each of our houses for my Granddaughter. We each try to find new and exciting places to place him for her. I love the tradition and she loves looking for him.

  3. We don’t have an elf, however, I think it would be fun to do, even if our son is grown. Hubby and son would probably have the elf in some interesting spots 🙂

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