Our Christmas Tree Practice Pictures

>> Check out the rest of our Christmas pictures HERE with my New Year’s resolutions! <<


We put our Christmas tree up on Black Friday every year generally, but since having kids, we don’t decorate it until later. The main reason is that Evan’s birthday is December 10th and we prefer to not have the ornaments up for the party (as we invite other young children into our home).

This year, we stuck to that, but the kids wanted to put some ornaments up anyway, so we let them put some of the shatterproof ones up. The boys really enjoyed it.


After Evan’s birthday passed, we decorated the rest of the tree with ornaments.

This year, we got a DSLR camera, and I’ve been hoping to get some good pictures with the tree. Bonus, our DSLR came with a tripod! Very important for good tree pictures, or so I read.

Pinterest makes it seem easy, of course, haha. I found a few tutorials, but my subjects aren’t that cooperative. My living room also doesn’t really get much natural light, but I’m going to give it another shot in the day anyway.

Here are the tutorials I’ve been reading, and will continue to look back at:

These people know more than me. Feel free to link your favorite photography tutorials in the comments too!


There’s not much I can do about squirmy children, but I will be trying again with open curtains, as well as moving a lamp. Fingers crossed I can get better pictures!


Fingers crossed I can get that perfect twinkle Christmas tree picture this year.


>> Check out the rest of our Christmas pictures HERE with my New Year’s resolutions! <<

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14 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree Practice Pictures

  1. Kids are difficult subjects to capture because they move so quickly! Natural light will definitely help. Until you’ve had a chance to play around with the manual functions of your camera, try shooting on sport mode with continuous shooting. This way you’ll be using a faster shutter speed and shooting multiple photos in a sequence. Hopefully, if you take three photos in a row at least one will be a keeper!

    • Usually I use faster shutter speed – I’ve gotten the hang of adjusting that! But I changed the settings to work with the lights and it just didn’t work with kids. I definitely think some natural lighting will help though.

  2. I just got a new DSLR this year too–it is definitely an adjustment! I have found for foodie pics, my morning light in my kitchen is perfect. I’m still adjusting to the early sundown. I love the pics you captured! I’ll have to pin the links you shared.

  3. I talked to hubby and he says you should get lightroom and photoshop!! You can do such great things with them like lighten up your kiddo’s faces in your shots!! He also recommends watching youtube tutorials on light and using the programs!! Totally opened up a whole new world to him!! Good luck and cute kiddos 🙂

    • I have Photoshop, but I’ve been wanting to check out lightroom! I used to do a lot more photo editing on Photoshop, now I just do basics along with my graphic design, though. I don’t know why I didn’t think about brightening up just the kids with it!

  4. You are learning how to take great photos . Kids move so fast and lights can be so difficult to capture on film.

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