Homemade Chocolate Play Dough!

Chocolate Play Dough for Valentine's Day - of Learning and Nesting

In February 2015, I made chocolate play dough with this recipe HERE. I figured it would go well with some cookie cutters and my cute little silicone heart tray for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t realize at the time just how versatile the play dough could be! It worked well to make pretend chocolates with the tray.

Something else I noticed about it, though, was as long as I wrapped it up tight and didn’t let air get to it, I could save it for quite awhile. **At the time of writing this, I have had one batch for 4 months, and it’s still going strong.

Chocolate Play Dough for Valentine's Day - of Learning and Nesting

When Easter rolled around, I had an idea. The chocolate play dough was great to use with those empty Easter eggs that we had in storage, and even better with some shape sorter eggs. After having let Evan explore the play dough with these new tools, I have come to the decision that these shape sorter eggs are one of my favorite toys to use with play dough. It was so neat watching him show us the shapes he knew.

“This one’s a triangle!” he would say as he squished play dough between the two parts of an egg.

The shape eggs could actually be used with any other play dough, or on their own, to go with a bird unit or sensory bin. I plan on keeping them in general rotation from now on, rather than putting them away with the other seasonal goods.

Chocolate Play Dough for Easter - of Learning and Nesting

This chocolate play dough could even be packaged up to be part of a little ones Easter basket. I stored some of mine wrapped up in saran wrap and tucked inside an empty Hershey’s cocoa powder container, and it kept perfectly! You could do the same, or wrap it up and tuck it inside those empty Easter eggs.

What a neat Easter surprise, as long as you make sure the kid knows not to eat it! Make sure any chocolate play dough is kept in an air tight package. If it starts to dry, it will dry out and turn white, which looks very unappetizing.

Some other creative uses for chocolate play dough would be as “dirt” along with some diggers. Evan loves to use his Play Doh Chuck the Truck and Friends toys whenever we have play dough out, so “dirt” play dough is great here! His favorite is the excavator. They’re really great toys, and while they come with tiny containers of Play Doh, it’s always fun to have a lot more to use! It never lasts long.

Would your little one enjoy chocolate play dough?

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7 thoughts on “Homemade Chocolate Play Dough!

  1. This project would be relevant, and fun to do for the upcoming Christmas season!!! I would love to bake some Xmas shapes with my nephew!

  2. Chocolate play dough sounds so fun!! My son may have to stop this mama from trying to eat it though lol 😉 Chocolate is my weakness!!

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