Toddlers and Toilets: How Parents Everywhere Can Child-Proof Their Plumbing

When it comes to child-proofing, one thing parents don’t think about head of time is plumbing. Don’t wait until its too late, though. A curious toddler is willing to try anything once, including flushing a variety of unusual items. Prevention is the best defense against toddler-induced clogs. Try these simple tips to childproof your toilet and protect your drainage system.

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Preventing Drain Disasters

Toilet locks and doorknob covers are the simplest option for preventing toddler-related plumbing disasters. You can find toilet locks, and a variety of other childproof bathroom devices, at most discount and home goods stores. Toilet locks and other childproofing supplies are also available from online retailers.

To prevent small items from dropping into your drain, install drain covers in your bathrooms and kitchen. Drain covers are usually made with fine mesh to prevent food and other items from entering the drain line. Make sure to install a drain cover or plug over outside drain lines that are located within your toddler’s reach to prevent clogs.

Helping Toddlers Learn

Supervising your child prevents plumbing disasters and makes the bathroom a safer place to explore. Supervising your toddler is a good way to teach them how to use the toilet and other plumbing fixtures correctly. For instance, teaching your child not to flush wipes or other items is an easy way to prevent clogged drains. Usually, toddlers need help until they are older, making it easy to supervise during most trips to the bathroom.

Preparing for Plumbing Problems

Teaching your toddler how to use plumbing fixtures can eliminate the potential for some problems, but the occasional accident may occur. Toddlers are creative, active and curious, and learning by doing is the preferred method of exploring the world for kids under the age of four. Contact a plumber like those from Rapid First Plumbing if your drains are backed up or sluggish. A plumber can repair even the most impossible-seeming clogs in just a short time using safer, more eco-friendly tools than ever before.

Drain Maintenance

Regular maintenance is also important for smoothly operating plumbing system. Regular drain cleaning removes any buildup in the drainage system, including foreign items that have accidentally been flushed. Maintenance is also ideal for preventing serious issues like damage caused by tree roots growing into drainage lines.

Toddlers can flush surprisingly difficult-to-remove items, making it essential to plan for plumbing emergencies during the preschool years. Toddler-proofing your bathroom, and other drains in your home, is the simplest way to prevent a plumbing disaster. Keep a plunger nearby to deal for minor clogs, and contact a professional for more difficult problems.

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Toddlers & Toilets: How Parents Everywhere Can Child-Proof Their Plumbing - of Learning and Nesting

3 thoughts on “Toddlers and Toilets: How Parents Everywhere Can Child-Proof Their Plumbing

  1. It’s a pretty big surprise the only real upgrades one can make on an “adult” toilet are booster seats, even in 2019. But, making sure your young one understand what all the various knobs and handles in a bathroom do if a pretty important thing, so thanks for covering it.

  2. I agree with your points about childproofing plumbing ahead of time. Given the curious nature of toddlers, installing drain covers in toilet and kitchen is a great way to prevent small things from getting into the drain.

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