Boys bedroom wall decor - superheroes

Evolution of the Boys Bedroom Decor – Big Boy Room!

Over the years, the second bedroom in our house has transformed many times. At first, it was a guest bedroom, but that didn’t last long. For a brief period of time, it housed stray cats awaiting rehoming. Then it became a junk room, which is what it stayed until 2011.

Some people have junk drawers, but we had an entire junk room. And then I got pregnant and we had the job of turning it into a nursery.

It was so much work, but we were so proud. The first thing we had to do was get rid of everything! Some of it went to the basement, and the rest was trashed or given away. Next, we cleaned the walls, stripped wallpaper and painted the room before bringing in the furniture.

Even since then, Evans room has continued to transform.

We were on an extremely limited budget while I was pregnant, so when we did decorate, it was minimal. We started with bare walls, and then added a couple picture frames that I put scrapbook paper in.

As he’s grown and the room has become a “big boy” room, it’s changed so much. And as such, the bedroom decor has grown as well.

A customized toddler loft using plans from Ana White as a starting point.

We repainted half the room while I was pregnant with Oliver. Then my husband built Evan a new bed. The bed was, and still is, a Disney Planes theme. At this time, the only “big boy” decor in the room were two comic style superhero wooden plaques.

Evan loved his new toddler loft right away!

The crib is in toddler bed mode in our room now, and there is a dresser in it’s place. The wall decor is on the wall where the crib was located.


After that, it was time to give Evan some big boy decor. We’ve chosen things based on interest over time. Disney Cars and Disney Planes have been huge interests of Evans, and now superheroes are a huge theme in our house.

I bought the Iron Man and Captain America wooden plaques at Meijer, but I’ve been able to find them on Amazon as well. They also have the same designs as embossed tins, if you prefer that style.

You can find the Captain America plaque here, and Iron Man here. Our Route 66 sign can be found here. The framed prints we got directly through Disney – as far as I know, they were available for a limited time only, for people who purchased both Disney Planes Fire and Rescue and the sing-along version of Frozen.


I don’t feel it’s complete, or that it ever will be. I know the decor is going to continuously evolve with the boys, and I’m OK with that. As a matter of fact, my husband has his eye on a couple more canvases I showed him to add to the wall.

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  1. I really love the wall art and the way you arranged it. I have a lot of trouble picking wall decor and deciding what goes with the room and together.

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