Educational Halloween Worksheets

My kids are already so excited for Halloween. They even have their Halloween costumes picked out already (both Star Wars, go figure). While we’re planning for the season ahead, I’m taking advantage of the chance to mix up their learning materials with a few fun Halloween printables. I’m offering these three seasonal worksheets for you Continue reading

Alphabet Printables – The Letter B

If you’re looking for some handy homeschooling printables for your little ones, you’ve come to the right place. Slowly but surely, I’m working on adding to the free printables I offer, right now focusing on some simple alphabet worksheets. Each letter is getting one dedicated page, and later I may build on them. If you’d Continue reading

Basic Alphabet Printables – The Letter A

One thing at the top of my 2017 To-Do List is to create more homeschool printables. I wanted to start with a basic foundation – simple printables for reinforcing letter recognition in preschoolers. The first printable I’m bringing out is a simple page for the letter A, and I plan to do one for every Continue reading