Seussical Truffula Treats


I made Truffula Treats for our playgroup this week. We get together every Wednesday to do a craft, and at the recommendation of a member of our Facebook group, the crafts fit into a monthly theme. This months theme was Dr. Seuss, and as we meet up around lunch time, I figured a snack would be a good idea. So I took to Pinterest.

I found the absolute cutest treats. What I ended up going with I’ve been calling Truffula Treats. They are rice crispy treats made with Trix cereal. They matched the craft we were doing too – Truffula Trees using our kids hands!
Colorful, Seussical, and yummy to boot.
I followed the recipe here at Raining Hot Coupons.

• 1/4 cup butter or margarine (1/2 stick)
• small bag marshmallows
• 7 1/2 cups Trix cereal

First, I put the margarine and marshmallows in my only Pyrex bowl. It looked pretty full, so I considered that maybe the bowl would be too small. However, knowing that the marshmallows would melt and take up less space, I decided to take a chance.

After heating, I started adding the Trix cereal. It’s a good thing I didn’t try to use the entire box because my bowl was too small. I did fit just around 7 cups of Trix in the bowl, but that was pushing it. Any time I tried to mix, a couple cereal bits would pop out of the bowl and try to roll away.
I really liked that this recipe used the microwave instead of the stove top. It cut down on the time and mess. However, it limited my bowl choices, so I would have to dump the melted marshmallows into a larger bowl next time. You live, you learn.

Another problem I had was flattening everything out. Trix are big and round, which made it difficult to smooth out the top. This might be, at least in part, user error. I had never even made rice crispy treats before trying my hand at this! (Can you believe that?)

I bet these would make a great Halloween snack using one of the seasonal cereals too. Count Chocula for some Batty Bites, perhaps?

One thought on “Seussical Truffula Treats

  1. Super fun!! We love the Dr and love love love Trix!! My son and I love making these treats together so he will just love this!!

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