Preschool Geography and a Montessori book giveaway!

Preschool Geography & Fall in Love with Giveaways (ENDED)

Preschool Geography and a Montessori book giveaway!

We recently began working on preschool geography with Evan. This will be ongoing for us, but it already seems to be sinking in a bit. My husband is from England, and we live in the US, so it really helps to get the map out and show Evan where his grandparents are.

This past week we have really hyper-focused on geography, and I can tell it has paid off. We’ve been using Montessori: Map Work, Around the World from A to Z, and a wonderful fabric activity map that I bought on Zulily a couple years ago.

Preschool Geography and a Montessori book giveaway!

Montessori: Map Work ($8.95 value)

The Montessori: Map Work book is great – it goes over the continents and what animals are in each continent. This really lines up with the activity map, because the activity map allows you to match animals to the country/region they come from!

I’ve been able to quiz Evan by asking him to find the continent from the book on the fabric map, and he will look for the animal. One alternative to the map we use would be to make or buy a felt map. A downfall to this book is that if you are stringent about Montessori standards, the continent colors in this book are not consistent.

Preschool Geography and a Montessori book giveaway!

Around the World from a to z ($24.99 value)

Around the World from A to Z is a neat book, too. For each letter, it has the letter in cursive for the child to trace, and then on the opposite page it has an acrostic (ie, a poem which spells a message with the first letter from each line) which spelled out the topic of the page.

On the upper right hand corner of each of the poem pages, it illustrates the part of the world relevant to the page. This book is great to get a glimpse of the culture of various regions.

Preschool Geography and a Montessori book giveaway!

We will continue to use these books, and more, as we try to teach Evan more about the world around him. We’ve also recently swapped out our old shower curtain for one that has a map of the world on it, simply to get more exposure around him.

I found some fun posts through Pinterest that I want to try out later, as well. I plan on making continent boxes, making a paper maché globe, using trays of sand to practice basic map work and more! Check out my Preschool Geography pin board for more of the ideas I found.

Preschool Geography and a Montessori book giveaway!

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Enter to win these two books to help your preschooler learn about the world around them.


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  1. Both of these prizes would be great for my 4 year old son, he’s very curious and smart. He loves learning new things!

  2. My nephew loves maps and learning about other places so these would be awesome! We’re also planning to homeschool our little one that’s on the way.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! This would be perfect for my nephew. My sister would love it too — she is also a teacher.

  4. My husband and I have both traveled a lot and we plan to show the world to our son! This would be a fun way for us to teach him!

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