Fab Finds for Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fab Finds for The Nightmare Before Christmas Fans

Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas is one thing that helps get me into the swing of fall each year. I’ve always loved everything Tim Burton, but this is an especially fun movie, and my kids totally agree. My boys love Jack Skellington, and can sing along to the music from the movie.

As this movie is so beloved in our household, I thought it would be fun to look for some neat Nightmare Before Christmas products. Here are some of my favorites that I found.

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This super cute Jack Skellington costume tops my list! This one is specifically meant for babies and toddlers. I wish I had seen it when my boys were a bit younger, before they started having their own requests.

There’s also an adorable baby Sally outfit that I found. These would make such a great sibling costume set. There are infinite ways to make the theme work for Halloween!

Adult Jack | Adult Sally



Christmas Ornaments

The Nightmare Before Christmas obviously covers both Halloween and Christmas, and as such, every fan ought to have some ornaments. The ones pictured above (here) are labeled as miniature, and come as a set. You can use them to decorate a mini tabletop tree, or put them on your full Christmas tree. There’s another really neat ornament set here, which has a few more characters.


Coffee Mugs

I love a good coffee mug. Well, really, I love coffee so much that I don’t discriminate against whatever it comes in… but I digress. Different coffee cups are fun, and I especially love this one with Jack Skellington on it. Being something other than the standard mug shape really adds to it, too. There’s no better way to enjoy your coffee at home than in a cute mug.

Heat Reveal Mug | Jack and Sally Mug Set | Soup Mug | Travel Mug


Wall Clock

This Nightmare Before Christmas vinyl record wall clock is to die for. It’s totally gorgeous and would make a wonderful unique gift.

Toys & Games

While there is no shortage of Nightmare Before Christmas themed toys, I’m especially drawn to this Tsum Tsum set. Honestly, I find all of the Tsum Tsums just too cute to pass up, and you can find all kinds of Disney characters in Tsum Tsum form.

Operation | Figurines | Oogie Boogie | Clue | Munchkin | Monopoly




I’m a huge fan of seasonal throws that come out as the weather starts to cool down. I love cozying up in a throw blanket on a chilly fall day at home, and well into winter as the temperatures drop below freezing. This fun Jack Skellington blanket (pictured above) is a great way to infuse your home with a bit of The Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s also a really cute oversized Jack and Sally blanket which would make a lovely gift.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Gift Guide - Fab Finds for the Nightmare Before Christmas lover in your life! @ of Learning and Nesting

Now that you’ve seen some of my favorite Nightmare Before Christmas items, I would love to hear if you own anything that fits the theme. Let me know in the comments what your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas products are!

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