Nesting the Nursery – Redecorating for Baby

Last weekend we took huge advancements towards our nursery. We had already cleaned out the clutter, and started scrubbing the back bedroom down – something we hadn’t done since we moved in two years ago.

However, our crib had been delivered, and needed a space to call it’s own.

My brother and his girlfriend loaned us their steamer to strip the wallpaper, which actually wasn’t all that bad, and we officially embarked on our mission to beautify the room.

After pulling the outdated paper, and border, down, we called it a night.

We felt accomplished, but worn out. There was still a lot to be done. Behind the wallpaper, many imperfections were discovered. Eddie patched up most of it, sanded what needed it, and finished cleaning everything (mainly the ceiling, which certainly needed a paint job, given that some of the paint was flaking off).

Rather than buy new paint, we took an easy way out. We mixed our upcoming wall color in with some old primer we had on hand from two years ago. The color turned out great. Granted, it could have used another coat, but we honestly didn’t mind.

We let that sit to dry for a bit, and then peeled the tape off. It was time to prime the walls, doors, and window.

It said we could paint over it in an hour, but we gave it a little extra time, and then we got back to work.

Look at that color!

Once the green was up, it was pretty late. We decided to let it dry, and air out, overnight. We could tackle the baseboard and whatnot when we woke up.

Once I woke up, we decided that I would do the rest of the room, while Eddie painted the armoire we had. It had been mine for ages, and definitely in need of some touch-ups.

Doors, drawers, and shelves were separated from the armoire, and he set off to work. It seemed to go quicker than everything else we had done, but somehow it ended up taking longer. I’m not sure how.

Then the weekend was over. We had wanted to get the crib put together, but it looked like the giant box was going to be a fixture in our hallway for a little bit longer. The next night, we were impatient to get some space back in the hall, so we decided to assemble the crib. Finally!

We brought the green rug that had formerly lived in the room back upstairs, along with our recliner, and put it all in place. The armoire wasn’t reassembled yet because we’re waiting on new knobs/pulls. We also have yet to get our changing table and decor, but we have time.



I threw an old baby blanket that was mine over the chair – partially for appearance, and partially because the corners are wooden and I was worried about the paint – and Eddie put up the matching light switch and electrical outlet covers.

Voila! What an amazing change it all made.

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