Dragon Themed Printable Worksheets – Pre-k through Kinder

For some reason, my kids love worksheets. I’ve bought a wide variety of workbooks as it is, and occasionally I’ll go through and print off a bunch of freebies from around the web to mix things up. Because I love all the free resources I’ve found, I also wanted to provide some for those who Continue reading

Alphabet Printables – The Letter B

If you’re looking for some handy homeschooling printables for your little ones, you’ve come to the right place. Slowly but surely, I’m working on adding to the free printables I offer, right now focusing on some simple alphabet worksheets. Each letter is getting one dedicated page, and later I may build on them. If you’d Continue reading

Basic Alphabet Printables – The Letter A

One thing at the top of my 2017 To-Do List is to create more homeschool printables. I wanted to start with a basic foundation – simple printables for reinforcing letter recognition in preschoolers. The first printable I’m bringing out is a simple page for the letter A, and I plan to do one for every Continue reading