2017 – New Year, New Resolutions

2016 has been a strange year. A lot has happened on many different levels… but I’m excited for 2017. Just these last few days, I’ve found myself feeling inspired when it comes to all of the possibilities.

My goals for next year are more focused than they have been in the past. But first….

Highlights of 2016

  • Evans 5th Birthday was a hit! I think Christmas went over great for both the boys, too.
  • I loved the Gilmore Girls revival. It was open-ended, which did drive me a little crazy…but I think it fit.
  • I started practicing photography. I adore maternity, baby, and family photography.

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My three main resolutions for this upcoming year are as follows:

1. Write a book.

It may seem out of the blue, but I have always wanted to write books. I already know what I want to write for this specific one… it’s beckoning me. I am so excited about this. The one I have in mind isn’t at all related to parenting or this blog; it’s actually a book for creative writers. This first one will be an e-book, but maybe someday I’ll publish a physical book, too.

2. Professional aspirations.

I’m currently only truly invested in one thing – my own photography business. I need to work on many different behind-the-scenes things there. I also want to work more on this blog, perhaps even outsourcing some tasks later in the year, and I want to dive into VA work and freelance writing.

One thing that will help me juggle all of these is my planner. Last year, I had a Plum Planner, and it was wonderful. However, I started a BuJo when my Plum Planner ran out, as a new one of those wasn’t in the budget. Bullet journaling is really fun, and cheap. I love how customize-able it is!

There are a handful of courses I want to enroll in this year to help with these aspirations:

There were some writing/blogging courses I considered, but I’m still taking recommendations for those.

3. Debt.

I’m planning to become debt-free this year. My student loans should be paid off after taxes, and afterwards there are only a couple small things left…plus a car payment. The car won’t be paid off this year, but other than that, a clean slate will be nice.

Personally, there are tons of other things I’d love to accomplish this year.

One thing that is begging to be done is repainting the front door. I can’t decide if I want purple or turquoise, but I love the style found *here*. Our house is a beige color, so really either can work.

Something I have been working on is self-care.

I’ve signed up for Ipsy, which is a makeup subscription box. I’ve honestly never been big on makeup, so I’m hoping this subscription will help me start using it more. Since getting my December box, I’ve been making a point of putting some makeup on a couple times a week. I’ve also accumulated a small collection of Jamberry wraps and plan on doing my nails semi-regularly.

One of the biggest personal goals for me is that I want to read more books. Again. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of fan fiction. (What can I say? I’m a fangirl at heart.) But there is something about holding a physical book in your hands. I have started the second book from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and I have a handful of non-fiction books I’ve collected to be read. Other than that, I have no shortage of books saved on Amazon.

I’ll leave you with this, which I saw on Facebook:


What are your resolutions for 2017?

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